Acting Classes in the Inland Empire

Let your kids unleash their creativity by getting them involved with an acting class.  Acting classes for kids are fun and they will enrich their lives.  There’s a lot more to it than having fun – acting classes in the Inland Empire will help your child gain:

Self Confidence
Improved Communications
Public Speaking


How Acting Classes for Kids Help

Most of us are afraid of public speaking.   We’re afraid to get in front of a crowd.  Acting classes are a great way to overcome this fear at an early age.   The class is a safe place to try it out – in the role of a “character”.   Students learn voice projection, timing and articulation, thereby gaining confidence.


Acting Lessons for Kids in the Inland Empire

Thru role playing and character development, Inland Empire kids learn to get in touch with the thoughts and feelings of others.  They begin to think about what motivates others to behave the way they do.
Thru acting classes, kids learn to take direction, lead and support.  They learn cooperation and teamwork.  They take pride in their contribution, knowing that the show cannot go on without them.


It’s a win – win situation.  Your child will gain self confidence, improved social skills and improve his/her self esteem.

Acting Classes

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