Bumper Bowling for Preschoolers

Bumper bowling is great for the youngest bowler.  It’s played on a regular bowling lane, but the gutters are covered or protected by rails to keep the ball in the game. That means no gutter balls for the youngsters!  In addition, if your child or special needs adult requires additional assistance throwing the ball a bowling ramp may be used.  Bumper bowling is designed for young children or special needs adults.   The bowlers usually use the lighter weight balls when bumper bowling.
Many bowling alleys in the Inland Empire have pop up rails that can be programmed for those users who require them.  That means that when you program in the bowler’s names, you indicate whether or not the rails will be used for the bowler.   When needed, they slide up along the inner edge of the gutter when needed.   Then, the slide back down for users who don’t need them. This is a great feature when kids are bowling with their families.
Some bowling alleys use an inflatable tube that runs the length, or most of the length, of the lane to protect each gutter. If your bowling alley uses a tube, and sometimes even a bumper rail, there might be a weight limit on the bowling ball to prevent damage to the inflatable tube.  The limit is usually 6 pounds, but check with your bowling alley to be sure.
Many lanes in Riverside, Corona, Chino and other parts of the Inland Empire offer bumper bowling leagues for kids. they usually start at about age 5 and can go up to around 16 years of age.  It’s a great way for kids to learn to bowl.  They feel more successful and don’t need to worry about gutter balls.   Adults with special needs also have bumper bowling leagues, so be sure to check with your bowling alley for more information.
Unfortunately, bumper bowling is not included in the Olympics or Special Olympics. If your child or adult needs additional assistance throwing the ball a bowling ramp may be used.

Cosmic Bowling

Cosmic Bowling, sometimes called Disco or Glow in the Dark Bowling is where they turn down the lights (at least the white lights!), and use brightly colored lighting effects.  Sometimes, the also use a disco ball.  They often have loud music, resulting in an atmosphere much like a nightclub.  Cosmic Bowling’s glow-in-the-dark bowling with a dance club atmosphere often rocks the center with a state-of-the-art sound system.   Somtimes the show consists of a light show, a fog machine, and even a DJ who keeps the center rocking.  It absolutely makes for a rock ‘n’ bowl experience!


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