Computers for Preschoolers

Do you think that computer games for kids are just a waste of time?  It might be time to think again.  Designers of computer games for toddlers and young children have focused their efforts on learning as well as on fun.  Kids can learn colors, shapes, actions, and vocabulary.  Kids can learn to spell and even to read with computer programs.

Computers for Elementary School Age

At this level, the education for kids via computer program really begins to take off.  There are programs that help kids explore everything they are learning in school.  These programs will help if they are falling behind in a subject, and they will allow your child to discover even more after the class at school has moved on to something else.

Computers for Middle School and High School

At this age, having access to a computer is almost required.  Teachers expect students to turn in typewritten papers.  They expect that the student will have used spell check and grammar check, so that there will not be any obvious errors.  In addition, with access to the resources available on the internet, teachers may expect the student to include information that is not readily available in their textbook.

Computers Have Raised the Bar

Computers have raised the bar, and teachers are expecting more from students.  Kids need to be prepared to use a computer effectively and efficiently.   With the quantity of homework being assigned these days, kids don’t have time to waste.

Computer Skills for Kids

What computer skills do kids really need?   The most basic, is the ability to use the keyboard and the mouse.  You might think this is a given, as anyone can ‘hunt and peck’ on the keyboard and click a mouse.   However, let’s give it a little more thought…   Children today will spend more time keyboarding than any of us could even image.  So why not get them started right by learning to type by touch?  Typing by touch will make them extend their hands and use all their fingers, reducing the strain that would by caused by using just two fingers.
And what about the way they use the mouse?  Before they get totally locked into a set pattern, you might consider introducing an alternative mouse, or at least teaching them to sometimes use the third finger to click rather than using only the index finger.  Either of these methods can help to reduce the possibility of carpal tunnel.

Internet for Kids – the Good and the Bad

Accessing information on the internet is a mixed bag.  The good news is that kids can expand their knowledge by searching for information on any subject at all.  They can communicate with people around the world.  The possibilities are endless.    And what is the bad news?  Well, it’s the dark side of what we called the good news.   With unsupervised access to the internet, kids can get information that they are not mature enough to handle well.  They can become the victim of a child predator.  We hear on the news all the time about kids that get into dangerous situations by using the computer.

So What Should We Do About Computers for our Kids

We believe that moderation is the operative word.   Children’s access to the computer should be supervised and limited.   By limiting the time a child spends on the computer, they will have time for physical activities and also for social interaction with others.  With parental supervision, children will access only appropriate sites when they surf the internet.   If, by chance, they happen onto a site with inappropriate material, at least their parents will be right there to discuss the situation with them.  The fact is that computers are here to stay and technology will continue to grow by leaps and bounds.  Kids need to learn to use this medium well in order to succeed in the world we live in.
So why not consider a computer class for your child?  There are computer academies, tech schools for kids associated with the Universities and also private computer schools.  In addition, many Parks and Recreation departments in the Inland Empire offer computer classes for kids.  It will help them learn to use the computer and help them stay on the cutting edge of what’s happening!


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