Kids Cooking in the Inland Empire

Kids in the Inland Empire love to create in the kitchen. Whether its baking cookies, making a nutritious meal for themselves or experimenting with new ingredients, cooking is a fun and practical skill for kids. There are a lot of choices available, from basic cooking classes at the city recreation center to fancy cooking schools.  And don’t forget the pre-schoolers!   There are lots of foods they can prepare without using a stove, an oven or a knife.

Cooking Classes in the Inland Empire

Cooking is a basic life skill. Kids will learn some at home, but if you sign them up for a class they’ll probably bring home new recipes that will become “theirs”. They’ll also learn kitchen basics, food safety and nutrition.

Cooking Lessons in the Inland Empire

Many classes in the Inland Empire offer an introduction or take a recreational slant. If your child is very interested in culinary arts, many adult cooking schools offer children’s classes as well. Occasionally you’ll see a restaurant offer a summer cooking camp for kids.

Kids Learn Lots when They Learn To Cook

Did you ever think about what kids can learn as they begin to prepare food and cook?  Here’s a short list:

  • They learn about the food groups
  • They learn about how foods change through cooking
  • They learn about the aromas, and the textures of food
  • They learn to make predictions as they see the results of their efforts
  • They increase their vocabulary as they use recipes
  • They learn to adapt and solve problems as they occur
  • They learn to use weights and measurements
  • They reinforce basic math skills like sorting, counting and fractions
  • They develop motor skills by rolling out dough, mixing batters, pouring, kneeding and chopping




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