What kid wouldn’t like a chance to catch a fish?  And although adults usually need fishing licenses, kids under 12 years often can fish for free.   And, be careful helping your child if you don’t have a license yourself!  Be sure to check with the fish and game to make sure you don’t bring home a big fine along with your catch!
Fishing poles: There are a variety of fishing poles in all price ranges. Some poles run as little as $10 and they go up from there! That’s a long way from a stick and some string!
Bait: There is a variety of bait available.  There’s live bait and pre-packaged bait, it’s all dependent on where you’re fishing and what you hope to catch.  Check with other fisherman in the area and they’ll be glad to give you some advise.
: There are a variety of lures available. Again, check with the locals in the area for the best advise.

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