Greenspot Farms Haunted Hayride

Looking for some bone chilling fun? Well, Greenspot Farms in Mentone has a thrilling Haunted Hayride. The farm by day becomes scattered with wicked monsters and screaming lost souls by night! An old evil farmer once lived on the farm and has continued to haunt the ravines, orchards, and lonely winding roads at night. He looks for others to take his place on the other side. He welcomes you to his beloved farm, but once deep inside, you may not be coming back!

Be sure to call or check the website ahead of time as this is a seasonal event.
Greenspot Farms Haunted Hayride
10133 Ward Way
Mentone, CA 92359
Phone: (909) 794-7653
Fax: (909)797-3660

Be sure to check out the Pumpkin Patch at Greenspot Farms while you’re there!