Nothing is more special for kids than the holidays.  Marking the holidays with special traditions is what memory making is all about.   When you think of a holiday, what does it bring to mind?   No doubt you’re remembering some of the things you did during the holiday when you were a child.   These memories are priceless!

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Seeing Santa Claus during the Christmas Season is certainly memorable to a child.   The youngest children tend to be a little frightened of Santa, and only after watching him with the siblings and friends, are the willing to get a little closer to Santa.  Taking your child to a “Breakfast With Santa” may be a little easier for a young one if your child is not yet ready to sit on Santa’s lap.    Before you know it, your child will be climbing on Santa’s lap, having his picture taken with Santa and reading off his Christmas list!

Other Christmas traditions may include decorating the tree and house, making Christmas cookies, or making a gingerbread house.   When we were children, we built a sugar cube house, complete with skating pond outsides, held together with colored frosting.  What fun!   These are the types of activities we remember as a child and pass on to our old children.

And don’t forget – you can also start your own family traditions.  Be creative – you won’t really know for years to come which traditions your child loved the most, so experience lots of them!

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