Ice Skate

Find a local ice skating rink in the Inland Empire and take the family out for an afternoon of fun! The kids would love it if you’d lace up some skates and get out there on the ice with them. If you’re just not up for that or if your kids are a bit older, you can sit in the cafe and cheer them on. If they’re teens, you can probably drop them and their friends off at the public ice center!

Ice Rink Riverside and Ice Rink San Bernadino

There are indoor ice skating rinks that operate year round and offer figure skating classes, broomball and hockey. During the winter, you’ll also find outdoor skating rinks that offer public skating.

Ice Skating Lessons Inland Empire

Ice skating is fun for kids. They develop strength and coordination while having a great time on the ice. You can sign kids up for ice skating classes either at a skating rink or through a city recreation department.
Ice skating is also a fun activity for the whole family or a group of kids. All of the ice skating rinks offer public skating sessions, including the outdoor seasonal rinks.

Ice Skating