Music Is Joy

Kids just love music!   From the time they are babies, they move their bodies with the music.   As they get a little older they begin to sing and dance when they hear music.   And kids like to make their own music too.   If you have a toddler a toy drum or a xylophone, just stand back and watch them go!  Their creativity in unleashed and they are delighted!

Music Lessons for Kids in the Inland Empire

Most children are ready for music instruction beginning at about age five.   Once they are beginning to learn to read, they can be taught to read music.  They also will have the physical coordination by this time to be able to make music.   But what they need is some music lessons or a music class.

Music for Toddlers in the Inland Empire

There are a number of music programs for preschoolers that teach principals for music and encourage the children to express themselves with music.   They don’t actually teach the child to perform, but the are an excellent beginning to a future education in music.

Piano Lessons and Guitar Lessons in the Inland Empire

There are many private music teachers that offer lessons in many different musical instruments.   One of the best ways to find a private music teacher is through the California Music Teachers Association.   These teachers have submitted their credentials and have met rigid standards.


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