Science is for Kids!

Science is the most fun subject at school because it involves getting your hands dirty!  And kids just love to get messy and dirty!  Playing with magnets, combining chemicals, and building things is just fun for them.  They won’t even know that they’re learning things that will help them all their lives.

Science Classes for Kids in the Inland Empire

There are fun science classes and camps for kids all over the Inland Empire.  There are learning studios, the Pali Institute, outdoor science schools and who could resist the Pennypickle Workshop Children’s Museum in Temecula?  As kids get older they can take a class that focuses on specific areas of science that interest them.

The Inland Empire is a great place for kids to learn about science.   It has some of the best places for them to explore, research and enjoy.    Because the IE is not too far from the ocean,  you might want to check out Los Angeles Science Activities for Kids.   The kids can learn all about the sea creatures and marine life at these science centers near the ocean.

Summer Science Camps for Kids in the Inland Empire

If you’re looking for a more in depth experience, sign your child up for a class or summer camp. There are programs that offer a sampling of science topics, and some that specialize in something like cool science experiments, computer programming or robotics.


Amy's Farm
Astro Camp
Children's Forest
Running Springs
Pali Institute
Running Springs
YMCA Daycamp
Multiple locations